A Solar Cat
The Solar Cat Book 
. . . expressing the early spirit of the solar renaissance of the 1970's

Solar Cat Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carrier

A full-sized, Gerald R. Ford-class vessel, with a crew of over 4,300 cats, running entirely on solar energy. This large, single-hulled catamaran allows ocean going, feathered flying things to land, rest, and be entertained by the crew until they take off again. Guest are encouraged to stay as long as they want so there is plenty of time for the crew to help them rest.

Note that the image does not show the array of 500 Megawatt Wind Electric Catmills normally on deck. This is to make it easier and less threatening for approaching guests to land.


Price: only $ 13,099,999,999.95

NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS: We tried so hard, but at last we had to raise the price of our signature product!  We're so sorry! But we did reduce the minimum down payment to a shockingly low 1%, making it easier to qualify for than a home loan!  Just send in your 1% and we'll get right to work!

- the cats of SolarCat Industries Big Boat Division

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