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The Return of the Solar Cat Book

The Return of the Solar Cat Book, 2003

I like it. It's a great book. So what did you expect me to say? It's actually the kind of book I'd even read, if I hadn't written it. It's based on the idea that cats know a lot more about solar energy than people do, and that people can learn a lot about solar energy from cats. It pokes fun at people, cats, their habits and addictions, explaining the elements and language of solar energy, its history and even a little about its politics, in a gentle, often subtle way that wanders from the serious to the silly.

One word of caution: some of this book might seem a little far fetched. That's because some of it is a little far-fetched. The rest of it is not, and you can rely on its technical accuracy. In the end, it turns out to be YOUR JOB to distinguish the far-fetched from the near-fetched until you've fetched at least a little bit more about solar energy than you did before reading it.
—Jim Augustyn (author), Berkeley, California, July 2010

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The Solar Cat Book

The Solar Cat Book, 1979

Published in 1979 by the Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California.
This book has even been translated to Japanese (by a fan)!